My grandma's favorite recipe

When I visited my parents house with my children last Sunday, my mother gave me boiled whitebait(little white fishes in the photo below) that which were given by someone to them as a summer gift.

Since they go bad quickly, I made two dishes using them.

The dish on the right side is seasoned cucumber mixed with whitebait and dressed with vinegar and soy sauce.

The other one on the left side is seasoned grated radish and with boiled whitebait dressed with vinegar, sugar and soy sauce.

Seasoned grated radish is my grandma's favorite recipe.

Since I like her very much, I used to visit her house and take her to go shopping, lunch, and so on.

When I visited her house, she used to eat it.

It is suitable for summer because vinegar is used and it tastes plain and light.

I also like it very much.

She passed away when she was ninety-six years old.

I somehow felt nostalgic when I eat this kind of dish.

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  1. Gosh... I miss Japanese food... :'(

  2. Hi. Do you make Japanese food? Actually I don't like cooking very much but I like this recipe. It's easy and yummy(^^)