My 6-year-old son's masterpiece vol.2

My 6-year-old son's elementary school will enter the summer vacation from this Saturday.

He brought his work which he made in the art class from school yesterday.

How colorful!

I was impressed his work and I thought that’s just like him.

It was made of color paper clay.

The theme was "My favorite food".

He made sushi ( he likes egg and tuna), ramen, fried shrimp, decorated cake, and whipping cream.

He likes making something and drawing pictures very much.

Actually, he was looking forward to the art class, and he practised making this before the class.

One of the teacher of the children's house where he stays after school every day told me that he always concentrates on drawing pictures though the other children are quarreling near him.

I think it is good for him that he has something he can be crazy about.

I hope he will be enjoying his favorite things from now on.

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