In The Bathroom

My children and I always take a bath together.

It is very comfortable and relaxing for me to soak in the bathwater and wash my sweat.

My children are standing in the bathtub because it is too hot for them to stay in hot water for a long time.

Since they play toys like water guns, it takes for a long time to take a bath.

My 6-year-old son was putting on one-man show of the story of "Youkai Watch" in the bathtub yesterday.

("Youkai Watch" is very popular anime among Japanese children.)

He's very familiar with the lines used in the conversation of this famous anime.

I was really surprised at his good memory because he easily get familiar with those lines and sound effects and he only watched the episode twice or three times.

As for my 4-year-old daughter, she was washing her head by herself.

She made bubble by shampoo and washed her hair like an ice-cream cone.

Since she likes soup very much and often makes bubbles with it, I told her,

"You are like a raccoon!" ( because a raccoon is called "Araiguma" in Japanese and "Arai" means "washing".)

I guessed she would get mad, but she didn't.

She smiled at me and said,

"Yeah, I am "Araiguma"!"

Our bath time took for a long time yesterday again.

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