Meaning of the photo of the sky ~ we want to tell to him ~

Happy New Year!

I came back home yesterday.

I will write about our trip to my in-law's house next time.

My son became six years old on January 2.

We celebrate his birthday at my in-law's house every year.

I was deeply moved that it has already been 6 years.

I displayed the photo of the blue sky and clouds on the top of my blog.

It is very meaningful for my husband and me.

This photo was taken by my husband when my son was born.

When I was pregnant, I read an essay about childcare.

The author said in the book, he took the photo of the sky just after his son was born.

He wanted to show his son the sky of his birthday.

Because his son couldn't see the sky of the day though he was already born.

He believes his son would notice his love someday from the photo.

It was very impressive for me, so I asked my husband to take a photo when my son was born.

His birth changed my life completely.

And his birthday is the day when my husband and I could became a father and mother for the first time in forever.

I thank he is now our treasure in our family and I hope his happiness and healthy growth.

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