This is the hospitality spirit! No.2 ~ heartwarming customer survice~

I went shopping to the supermarket yesterday.

When I was going to take a carton of milk, my hand slipped and dropped it by mistake.

Then the milk pack got a hole and milk leaked little by little.

I thought that I needed to pay for it.

Then I brought it to the register with other foods which I would buy.

I told the cashier, " I'm sorry. I dropped it by mistake and the milk pack got a hole. Please be careful when you scan its bar code."

She told me, "Oh, it's OK! We will change it to the new one. Could you wait a minute while the another staff brings it? Are you OK? Didn't you get wet with milk?"

Since I had thought that I should pay for it obviously, I was so surprised at her response and impressed with her kind word.

Her heartwarming customer service surely caught a regular customer.

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