"Tako" in Japanese has three meanings

I wrote that our family enjoyed kite-flying last Saturday.

*kite-flying : from my 1/18 diary entry → http://a-o-j-m.blogspot.jp/2015/01/exciting-kite-flying.html

When we were flying a kite, it made me want to eat "Takoyaki".

Takoyaki is one of the Japanese snack.

It is made from flour and octopus, and cooked in a special "Takoyaki pan".

Takoyaki is ball-shaped.

There was the reason why I wanted to eat "Takoyaki".

Because both of kite and octopus are called "Tako" in Japanese.

In other words, when we were flying "Tako", it made me want to eat "Tako"!

"Tako" in Japanese has three meanings, a kite, an octopus, and a callosity.

We use them properly depending on the situation and context.

Anyway, I cooked Takoyaki for dinner on Saturday.

It was so yummy!

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