Wedding Truck as one of the Regional Customs

A wedding truck was driving ahead of me on my way to the office yesterday morning.

I saw it for the first time in a while.

It is part of our regional custom that for married couple furniture will be delivered to their house  right before their wedding day.

When someone get married, their parents usually buy their wedding furniture.

Interestingly, furniture stores in our place have wedding trucks and a "kanji" character "寿" printed on its body which means "congratulations" is one of the ways which will allow people to know that a couple is getting married.

The wedding truck is sometimes decorated with red and white color which signifies happiness for Japanese people.

As part of some old beliefs if a wedding truck is on its way to deliver the furniture and I 've heard that when it encounters a coming vehicle, it must continue to go on along the way and not to go back on its way specially in a narrow road.

In this case, the  other driver has to give way for the wedding truck to continue passing the same way without changing its direction. Going back means bad luck for the married couple.

The truck driver will give  the other driver what we so called "happy money".

When we got married, the sale person of the furniture store asked us whether we would order the wedding truck or not.

Since we didn't want to stand out in our neighbors, so we refused their offer.

I followed the truck without overtake a truck because I thought it was a good luck for me.

But it was only a normal day!

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