Sumo wrestling is a hard sports for me

Recently my 6-year-old son likes playing "Sumo" and I am often asked by him to play it with him.

Sumo is one of the national sports of Japan.

The person who pushes the opponent out of the circle or throw him down can become a winner.

It is like a matial art, two peole push and try to throw each other in the circle called "dohyo", and

He asked my 4-year-old daughter to play Sumo last night, but she didn't want to do it because she surely would lose him ( She is a sore loser.)

She ignored him and kept drawing pictures.

He got angry and told her, "Do it with me, or beat you!"

But she kept ignoring him.

I told him, "If you want to play with her, you must not threaten her. Your invitation doesn't look fun!
 You need to show her that you are fun to play with."

He said " I did! But she doesn't play with me!"

He is not good at fitting into their friends and inviting them to play with him.

I was sorry for him and I played sumo with him.

He was getting stronger and stronger!

I needed to play seriously, and I had a backache.

The day that his power surpasses mine is probably close.

(Of course we played sumo wearing our cloths, not like the photo below. This is the illustration of professional sumo wrestler.)

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