Role-playing as a customer!

Yesterday evening my children played a shopping game and they asked me to become their customer.

I told my 4-year-old daughter, "I'll take all of those donuts. Kindly put them inside the Kitty's box and I will pay for it, too."

She said, "No way! I don't want to sell all of them!".

I told her, " But you are a shopkeeper, right? You should sell them if the customer wants to buy!"

My 6-year-old son who was listening to our conversation inturrupted and told me coolly,

"Mom, you are going to put them away, right?"

 I was surprised that he completely understood what I was trying to imply.

That made me so impressed with him.

I was so impressed and told him "How did you know that?" and he just said, "I was just figuring out what you wanna do".

I was trying to put them away just he said because there were so many toys in their shop!

The pictures below shows how they arranged their ideal shopping center.

This was the food court.

This is how her cash register looks like, money and bills were not arranged.

 Funny it was!

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