Devil and Fortune

Our family went to Onsen (hot spring) yesterday.

The onsen was a public bath called "Super Sento" which has several kinds of baths like open-air bath, bubble bath, medicated bath, sauna, and so on.

My husband and son went to the men's section, while my daughter and I went to the women's section.

We were able to relax.

A staff gave my children a Devil and a Fortune mask because "Setsubun" will come soon (Feb.3).

Setsubun is known as the last day of winter in Japan.

We throw beans to bad luck (devil) to drive out devil and call in good luck (fortune) in a house at the day of Setsubun.

My children were glad to get and wear the mask!

This photo is devil (Oni).

This photo is fortune (Fuku).

My daughter resembles "Fuku", so it was very funny for my husband and I to see her wearing the mask of  it!

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  1. こんにちわ。ブログを読ませて頂きました。スーパー銭湯にご家族で行かれたのですね。スーパー銭湯で寛いだ様子が楽しそうで羨ましいです。外はまだ寒いので、お身体に気おつけて下さいね。

    1. いつもお越し頂きありがとうございます。