Furoshiki of February

I display "Furoshiki" at the entrance of my house.

Furoshiki is a square cloth and it is usually used to wrap something to carry them.

But since I like the nice illustration, I decided to decorate them (I bought twelve furoshiki to replace them each month).

February is the illustration of "Setsubun".

(* Setsubun : from the yesterday's entry→ http://a-o-j-m.blogspot.jp/2015/02/devil-and-fortune.html )

We can see two "Oni(devil)", a "Fuku(fortune)", beans to throw to "Oni", "Ehoumaki (Rolled sushi to eat at night of the day of Setsubun)", and many plum blossom which bloom in February in furoshiki.

I look forward to replace every month!

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