His "Randoseru" finally arrived!

My 6-year-old son's "Randoseru" finally arrived at home yesterday!

Since he will enter the elementary school in April, we already ordered it last August.

It is a back pack made of leather.

Elementary school children put text books into it and carry them to the school.

(If you know the Japanese anime "Doraemon", you can see the children carrying them.)

I was so impressed to look at the Randoseru because it meant that he would become an elementary school student soon.

The time passed so quickly.

I feel as if  he were born only a few days ago.

As for my son, he looked not so happy.

I thought the reaction was just like him.

He has a character that he doesn't express his happy feeling straightly.

In fact, it resembles his father's character.

It was funny for me.

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