An injection again?

I needed to take my children to the hospital to get a flu shot again yesterday.

I wrote the first story last month.

It was so difficult to take my 4-year-old daughter.


So this time, I didn't tell her about the injection until we went to the hospital.

Before we left home, she asked me " Where are we going?"

I answered "Hospital."

She seemed to guess about the injection, she turned pale and said, "No! I don't like to go!"

I told her " But you need to go!"

I carried her , she acted violently, but I as able to put her on the car.

Since she wouldn't get off when we arrived the hospital, I had to drag her down form the car.

While we were waiting, I told her,

 "You were crying while waiting last time, but this time you are not crying! Wow! You became stronger than before!"

I continued, "You can do it. When you get an injection, why don't you close your eyes? I will be hugging you while you are having the vaccine, so don't worry!"

She told me " Can I do that?  I am scared."

But she closed her eyes and put up with it!

She didn't cry!

The doctor and nurses praised her.

She was stunned for a while but she became her usual self afterwards.

As for my 5-year-old son,  he is good at having a shot recently.

He never cries!

They got at the hospital as a reward for putting up with the injection!

My son got the "Youkai Watch" tissue because he likes it very much.

It is now very popular among the children.

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