A wedding invitation

I received a wedding invitation recently.

A friend of mine who was my classmate in high school will be getting married January next year.

I met her once during our college reunion after 16 years last October.

I attended together with my two friends and she was there too with her friends.

Since all of us went to the same high school and it had been so long since we've met, we got excited over talking about the old days.

She mentioned about her getting married next year, so all of us were invited to attend her wedding ceremony.

It was such a long time since I attended a wedding ceremony, so I am looking forward this event after she invited me.

These are stamps for the auspicious event which will be used in sending the wedding invitation to all attendees.

92 yen stamp is for the envelope of invitation, and 52 yen stamp is for reply confirm the attendance.

It is one of our customs to use these stamps for a wedding invitation.

It has been said that it is unlucky to paste two stamps on one envelope because it connotes separation of the couple.

We have various manners to follow when it comes to ceremonial occasions in our country.

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