Oh! Has Tokyo been destroyed?

Oh! What happened? Has Tokyo been destroyed?

No, this is a miniature of the town.

I visited to the sience museum to look at the special exhibition entitled "Special effects Museum" with my family yesterday.

Special effects are often used in Japanese movies and TV programs like "Godzilla".

I was very impressed with those technological strength!

These looked like real town.

We also watched the short movie that the special effects were used and then we also watched the making of it.

These were so exciting and I was deeply impressed by them!

Middle-aged producers were getting absorbed to make the scene of one second.

When they were able to shoot convincing scene, they were delighted with a brilliant smile like a boy!

My children also enjoyed the short movie.

I was worried that my 4-year-old daughter would be afraid of the scary character that came out in the movie.

But she told me, "I was not scared, it was fun!".

There are some interesting things in this science museum.

For example, the chemical symbol of elements are written to a locker.

And a chemical formula is written to the vending machine.

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