The feeling of my mother that I couldn't understand in old days

When I was a elementary school student, I broke the mercury thermometer by accident.

I told my mother about it.

She came to me in hurry and said in scary voice, "Go out of the room!".

She was a very calm and gentle person, so she rarely got angry at me.

I felt that she was mad at me, so I went out silently.

She started cleaning the bits of broken glass and the mercury which scattered in silence.

I was only able to look at her in amazement.

Since my hand were slippery while washing the dishes, I dropped a plate and broke it yesterday evening.

My children came to me as soon as they heard the sound of the broken glass.

"What happened mom? Wow! The plate was broken!"

My 5-year-old son tried to touch a piece of the broken dish.

I told him in a loud voice, "Don't touch them! These are dangerous! you are going to hurt your fingers!"

But, since it was his first time to see the broken dish, he was so curious about the incident.

He tried to touch them again.

I had to scold him again, "Don't you understand?  I told you! Don't touch them! Get out of the kitchen!"

He went out unwillingly.

I cut my finger by the bits of shattered glass when I was cleaning them.

I showed my blood to my children saying "Can you see it? The broken glass is so dangerous. Please don't touch them."

They were surprised at seeing my small scratch.

"Are you OK?" My 4-year-old daughter asked me anxiously.

I answered "Thank you. No problem."

I recalled my mother's anger.

It was not anger, she just didn't want to hurt me.

I couldn't understand such simple thing when I was young, but now I can realize her thoughts well  because I am also a mother.

Mothers keep their children away from danger in order to protect them.

Being a mother makes me grow.

I would like to keep the grateful feeling that I can be a mother of two children!

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