When I am busy

I canceled today's online English school because I needed to prepare today's meeting of our company.

I think I am in the very busy term now.

I wear many hats same as other mothers.

I am a mother of my two little children, I need to take care of them.

I am also my husband's wife, we need to help each other.

I am also a housewife, I need to do housework.

I am also a part time job worker, I need to work doing my best.

I am a member of PTA of my children's nursery school, I need to attend meetings, make documents, and attend to help children's events.

I am a resident of our town, I need to attend our town's activities.

I think it is happy to be busy.
Because that means I am required by the other people.

I tend to be irritated when I am busy.

But I try to think by this way.

I have still enough stamina to be able to keep healthy.

The day when I will not be able to do that I want to do will surely come someday when I will get older.

I would like to do my best while I can do.

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