Happy Wednesday! ~Giving myself a reward for working hard~

I have a day off every Wednesday.

Wednesday is only the day which I can stay at home alone because my husband goes to work and my children go to the nursery school.

So I look forward to coming Wednesday.

I usually spend the day to do the housework and study for my job so actually I am not completely free on Wednesday.

But I like Wednesday.

I went shopping to the supermarket yesterday.

I usually go shopping on Wednesday and Sunday.

I go with my children on Sunday but I can go alone on Wednesday.

To go shopping alone makes me want to give a gift for myself.

My "gift" is usually SWEETS!

I found these sweets stuffs at the supermarket.

I love this chocolate pie very much!

Both of them are written as "limited time offer" in Japanese.

I often give way to temptation of "limited time offer".

Of course I bought both of them, and I enjoyed the chocolate time with a cup of coffee alone.

I can monopolize chocolate only on Wednesday.

I spent a happiness time.

My children also enjoyed "Pocky"(Sweets under the photo) after they came back from the nursery school.

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