Yummy Oden! I can't stop eating!

"Oden" is one of the popular winter dishes in Japan.

"Hanpen"(fish minced and steamed), "Chikuwa" (a tubular roll of boiled fish paste), "Konnyaku", boiled eggs and Japanese radish etc. are stewed in a saucepan with hot soup.

We feel warm after we eat it.

It was not cold yesterday, but I wanted to eat "Oden".

In my case, I use oyster source, salt, "Hondashi(bonito fish soup stock)" as ingredients of the soup.

The food is well flavored by soup, my children and I could not stop eating!

I like eating "Oden" with "Miso"(a kind of Japanese seasoning).

The photo below is the Japanese radish and konnnyaku with miso.

It was yummy!

My son told me " You will make Takikomi-gohan (steamed rice with vegetables and meat mixed in) tomorrow, won't you?"

That's right!!

If I cook rice with the soup of "Oden", it will become delicious "Takikomi-gohan"!

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