Children's remark that I can only listen now

When we were eating dinner yesterday, my 5-year-old son suddenly stood up and told me with his chest expanding, "I am getting bigger and bigger, right?"

I scoleded him "Don't stand while eating."

I continued, "When you were newly born, you were yet a  little baby. But now you have become tall the level of my chest! You will surely become as tall as I do 10 years later."

Son : Well then, I will carry you when I will become taller than you!

I  :  "You will be too embarrassed to carry me after 10 years."

Son : No! I will not! I will get married to someone and live here forever, right?

I : No. Daddy and I will live here until we die, and you will live with your future wife somewhere other place

Daughter : If you die, I will die, too!

Son : Me too!

I : I'm not dead yet. Don't worry! Please take care of me when I become grandma.

Daughter : Of course! I will make nice meals for you!

Son : I will carry you!

Both : I love you mam!

I : I love you, too!

How long will they last to be cute?

I think that I would like to live for the moment.

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