A lovely gift from my son

Last night, my son told me, "Though it is a little bit early, happy birthday!" and gave me a little box made of milk carton.

I knew he was making something, but I didn't expect that it was a gift for me!

It is written in Japanese " to mom".↓

When I opened the box, I realized that it is a message card.

This is written in Japanese(even if there is a little mistake) "To mom, I will try to do my best from now on."

I asked him, "Thank you so much, but what are you going to try to do your best on?"

He answered, "I will put away my toys, and prepare for the nursery school."

I told him, "These are very nice! And I want you to do one more thing. Do you know what it is?"

He answered, "Yeah! I know! I will wait for the gift until Christmas!"

I was very glad that he understood my thoughts.

Thank you my son, I am going to try not to get angry easily.

I also need to have longer patience and keep myself from getting angry easily.

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