The treasure hunting game at home

I had a day off yesterday, so I came up with a good idea to enjoy the snack time with my children.

The idea was "The treasure hunting game".

************  How to play this game  ************

I prepared several pieces of paper and wrote the quizzes on them.

For example, I wrote the first one, "There is it in the bedroom and its blades go round and round.
What is it?"

The answer is "The electric fan".
If they go to the bedroom , they will find  the next paper which I hid in advance under the electric fan.

Then they try to answer the quiz to find the next quiz.

I hid twelve pieces of paper and they would find their snacks at the place of the answer of the last quiz.


When I went to the nursery school to pick them up, I told them about the game and my five-year-old son was so excited hearing it.

He wanted to do it as soon as possible, so he asked me to go home and be in a hurry.

I explained how to play the game and I let my children keep the promise to solve the quiz peacefully together.

He enjoyed this game very much.

But it was a little difficult for my 4-year-old daughter, so I asked him to read the quizzes to her and they have to solve it together.

Finally they succeeded to find their snacks hidden in the microwave!

They were glad to find the treasure, and enjoyed the snack time more than usual.

My son told me "I want to try it again!".

I was so glad that they enjoyed it very much.

Their smiles made me happy!

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