Growth of the heart of my daughter

When I went to the nursery school to pick  my children up at yesterday evening, my daughter and her friend were quarreling over something.

Her friend (I call her "A" for her nickname) told me,

"Please give me the leaves that H has more."(I call my daughter "H" for her nickname)

I saw my daughter who was grasping the leaves of the maple which she picked up.

My daughter said,

"These leaves are the gift for my mom! That's why I picked up them.  I don't want to give the leaves to "A"!  Here you are."

Her friend "A" seemed to be dissatisfied and asked me to give her a few leaves.

I told my daughter,
"You wanted to give me these leaves, didn't you? Thank you so much. "A" told me she wants them, so can I give her one or two of them?"

My daughter answered "No! These are yours!"

Listening to our conversation, the other boys came to us and said to me,

"I know "A" took the leaves which "H" gathered up!"

One of the boy snatched the leaves from her and has crushed them in his hand.

Since she had burst into tears, I gave her 3 leaves when my daughter was not here and said, " I am sorry I can't give you all of them because both of you wanted the leaves."

After that, "A" told my daughter ," Your mom gave me three leaves!"

My daughter said "No! These are my mom's!" but she didn't say anything more than that.

Suddenly she pulled my daughter's hair strongly and some of her hairs came off.

My daughter cried loudly.

My son who heard my daughter's crying got angry with her and he took her leaves and threw them away.

Next she started crying.

Then another friend of my daughter came and hit my daughter saying"don't bully H!"

My daughter cried more intensely.

Teachers came and asked us "What's happened?"

She answered "T(my son) crushed my leaves into his hand."

My son said " Because "A" pulled "H"'s hair!"

Since they were so confused, I reported teachers only the fact that I watched plainly.

After we came back home, my daughter said to me,

"I don't want to fight with "A". I only want to play with her nicely.I don't like nasty "A"!"

I told her "But you like friendly "A", don't you? "A "only wanted the leaves, too. 

Unfortunately  you could not get along well with "A" today.

But I was glad that you were able to insist your feelings.

And I was also glad that you didn't hit or push her.

I hope that you will be able to play with your friend happily tomorrow!"

When she entered the new class on April, she found it very difficult to adjust herself to life in the new school.

But now, she was able to make some friends who want to play together more though there are times they quarrel.

I was able to realize the growth of her heart.

And I hope she will be able to make good friends from now on.

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