Her Elsa & His Elsa (from "FROZEN")

"FROZEN" is the movie which our family watched  together for the first time.

They enjoyed very much and we often sing "Let It Go", "Do You Want To Build a Snowman?", "For the First Time In Forever"  together (We sing in Japanese).

Yesterday my 4-year-old daughter drew a picture of Elsa and showed me.

She likes Elsa very much and I could see that how much she likes Elsa from her picture.

She drew this picture without seeing something, she definitely has a strong impression to the scene of "Let It Go".

She likes Elsa's dress very much and she wants to wear it like Elsa.

Since I was impressed by her picture, I asked my five-year-old son to draw the picture of Elsa.

He consented unwillingly and drew.

......Don't you think it is funny?

WHY did he draw Elsa by red pencil??

Besides, he drew this picture on the paper which a picture was drawn on on the back.

I could see how much he has no interest in Elsa.

Although they are brother and sister, their interests are completely different.

This is so interesting for me.

By the way, both of my children like drawing very much and they often get absorbed in drawing.

My son likes the dinosaurs and fishes, so he often draw their pictures.

I could see from the picture that he drew it eagerly unlike Elsa's picture!

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