How do I teach English to my children?

I take a bath with my children every night.

Before we step out of the bath, I sometimes tell my children "Let's count ten before we go out!".

But last night, my four-year-old daughter said "Let's count thirty in English! One, two, three..."

She can count from number 1 to 30 in English.

She continued, "Twenty-eight, twenty-nine, forty!"

"No, thirty!"

I said and we laughed together.

Even if she can count the numbers in Japanese, she also sometimes make mistakes.

My policy for them when it comes to studying English, if for them to have fun and enjoy it.

I am very careful that studying English will not become a "duty" for them.

I would like my children to become interested in learning English by letting them listen to English songs.

I bought some CD's  of English children songs.

While listening to the music many times, they will be able to learn their favorite songs by heart.

I am so surprised that sometimes they sing English songs with correct pronunciation like a native speaker.

Even though they don't know the meeaning of the song, they just imitate the correct pronunciation of the lyrics of the songs.

I envy them because they can easily remember many things!

I need time more than 3 times to learn the English words than my children, but I will do my best!

These are their favorite songs.

・Hickory, Dickory, Duck"
・Three Little Monkeys
・Walking, Walking
・The ABC song
・We Wish You a Merry Christmas

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