Quiz from my son (the meaning of Japanese name)

After we came back home yesterday, my son told me,

"Today my teacher gave us a question to answer, mom. It goes like this,

"What is the only thing which was given to us by our mother?" What do you think?"

I told my son, "Hmmm.... Is it the gift of LIFE?"

He refused. "Oh no, that's not the answer, Mothers give us our NAMES.

(It made me ponder on for a while, made me think that it must be "LIFE" which was given to us by our mothers.)

In my family's case, I gave a name for my children.

Japanese names are usually written in Kanji.

Every Kanji's character has its own meaning.

For example, my son's name was given in the hope that "He will become healthy and live on his own will".

My name has its own meaning too which would let everyone know and think that I am a epitome of beauty".

I am not sure whether I was able to meet my parents' expectations or not (^^;)!

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