The capsule-toy vending machine of ramen restaurant

I went to the ramen shop near my house with my children and my mother.

I forgot to take pictures of ramen so I took a picture of the menu.

I ate the soy sauce ramen, it was yummy!

My children ordered the kid's lunch.

The children who order the kid's lunch can play the capsule-toy vending machine once.

This is the photo of the capsule-toy vending machine. ↓

My son opened the capsule...

The ring of "Kumamon" was in it!

"Kumamon" is the PR mascot character of Kumamoto Prefecture.

It looks like a black bear with red cheeks  ( because the "bear" in English is equal to "Kuma" in Japanese.)

It is well known and popular in Japan.

Moreover, the light was too bright!

I was surprised that the quality was good though it was just a free gift.

This is my daughter's.

It is an eraser in the shape of dumplings.

WHY eraser??

The theme of this capsule-toy vending machine didn't seem to be unified at all.

Incidentally, this photo is the typical capsule-toy vending machines which are installed in the shopping malls. 

It costs from 100yen to about 400yen per one time.

I think this price is very expensive.

But my children love it very much and they often ask me to do it.

I always have hard times to refuse their demands.


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