The caterpillars have increased than yesterday

I went to work yesterday.

Since we work by the shift, I need to work on Sunday once or twice a month

When I came back home, I couldn't believe my eyes.

I asked my son, "What... what are they?"

Instead of him, my husband answered, " They are the larvae of Old World Swallowtail. They were on  the carrot leaves planted in our kitchen garden."

Raising the vegetables is my husband's hobby.

I felt that their striped patterns were gross!

I asked my son to move "Aomu-kun" to another gage to protect from the other striped caterpillars.

*Aomu-kun : from my 10/26 diary entry

The members of our family have increased again!

I don't like any insects but I am surprised at myself that I didn't ask my son to set them free.

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