To reconsider the life insurance is to save our children from risks

I worked a half day in the morning yesterday because I expected that it would be busier and my colleagues would suffer from a manpower shortage temporary.

I came back home in the afternoon and my family went to the insurance agency to consult them about my husband's life insurance in the evening.

The shop salesperson who has a qualification of financial planner diagnosed whether his life insurance included the enough security contents against the risks which would be expected for our lives from now on or not.

And if not, we asked her to introduce the other life insurances which have similar security contents.

Since the shop sell more than fifty insurance companies products, so we don't need to search by ourselves.

We can consult such kinds of the insurance agency for free, so I think it is very convenient for us.

Actually, my brother in law suffered from cerebral infarction last summer.

Fortunately, his symptom was light but he had to be in the hospital for more than two months.

And my aunt passed away by cancer two years ago.

I hate to imagine our family's sadness, but we need to prepare for an unforeseen happening to protect our children.

The children who we should be protected were playing in the kid's space while we were talking to the financial consultant.

They climbed up the table and they rode on the stuffed toy of the big duck which is a character of an insurance company and said, "Hey mom, look at me!"

I told them to stop it, but they didn't follow my warning at all.

So I scolded them then my 6-year-old son suddenly went out of the shop playfully.

The salesperson who was so surprised and asked us, "Oh, is he OK?"

I knew he would not go too far from there so I answered "I'm sorry, he would come back soon."

I asked her, "How were another children? Did they do like that?"

She answered with a bitter smile, "This is the first time I've encountered like this situation."

We were ashamed to hear that and apologized to her...

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