We love Dad!

My husband came home past 5pm yesterday.

My children were so glad because he always comes home late but he arrived at home before we were going to have dinner yesterday.

Our dinner yesterday was stew.

I prepared it for them and placed on the table.

My 4-year-old daughter was sitting on her dad's lap and she didn't like to move to her own seat.

Then she said, "I love Dad! I want to eat dinner with Dad!"

My husband let her eat saying "All right! Here you are."

They hold each other saying " I love you!"

My husband told me as a joke, "Are you jealoused with her?"

My son and I were completely amazed by them.

I teased and told her, "Wow! You are like a baby! You are fed with spoon! "

Listening to my joke, my son also teased her, " Baby! Baby!"

Suddenly she started crying after hearing what we told her!

I laughingly told her, "Don't cry! You are really like a baby in our family!"

My husband told her "Stop crying! You can stay here!"

She stopped crying and smiled then she told her father  "I love Dad!"

My son and I were dumbfounded again while looking at them.

After we finished dinner, my son asked my husband to play LaQ with him, and they started.

(*LaQ : from past entry : http://a-o-j-m.blogspot.jp/2015/01/japanese-block-laq-is-excellent.html

My daughter was sticking her Dad's back while they were playing LaQ.

When they were going to take a bath, they fastened on his leg like koala and would not leave, so he had to walk with two big weights.

He must be glad but he also must be tired.

I was a little sorry for him.

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