Free trial of Electone lesson

My 4-year-old daughter and I attended the free trial of Electone lesson of YAMAHA yesterday.

Since her brother already goes to the YAMAHA music school, so she also had been wanting to learn it.

During the trial lesson, she seemed to be satisfied with it.

The time that she can play the Electone has finally come!

She was a good listener of the teacher, and she answered teacher's question actively.

When the teacher asked children to come near the piano, she went there first.

And she sung a song happily.

I was surprised because her behavior was opposite from my son's when he was 4 years old.

He was so shy that he didn't want to go near the piano and sing a song.

He told me "Because I am shy!"

But he grew up and now he can sing and play in front of other students.

I found out that they have a big difference when it comes to their behavior specially when it is in front.

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