What can you have for 500 yen?

I went to the ATM in the shopping center to deposit "otoshidama (New Year's money)" which my children recieved from our relatives during  January 1 to 3rd to their bank accounts yesterday.

We have a custom to give children pocket money on New Year's day in Japan.

Since we always visited my in law's relative's house on January 2nd and my children were able to receive a lot of them, my husband and I didn't give them New Year's money.

So I gave each of my children worth of 500 yen from the money given to them last New year and told them,

 "You can buy anything you want using this 500 yen. Consider what you will buy and make better use of your money!"

My 4-year-old daughter bought five chocolates at 100 yen store using all her money!

My 6-year-old son took a long time to dedide what he would buy, and he bought five toys at 100 yen store using all his money.

It was very interesting for me that their favorite things were completely different though they are siblings.

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