Stormy Karuta game

Our family played "Karuta" after we finished dinner yesterday.

Karuta is one of the Japanese card game.

There are two kinds of card used in Karuta, one is "yomifuda (reading cards)" which a sentence is written on each of them, and another is "torifuda (grabbing cards)" which the first letter of each sentence and a picture related with the sentence is written on each card.

First, place grabbing card with face up on the floor.

Then the words in the yomifuda are read by a reader and players will have to find its associated torifuda before anybody else does.

There are 50 yomifuda and torifuda because there are 50 hiragana ( one of the Japanese letters).

The person who gets cards the most when the game is over is the winner.

First, my husband was a reader and my 6-year-old son, 4-year-old daughter and I were players.

I got the first torifuda, suddenly she started crying!

Since I expected that this game would become funny, so I recorded it with the video camera.

After that, my daughter cried loudly in frustration when torifuda was got by my son every time, and when she chould got a card, she stopped crying and smile sticked out her tounge.

While we were playing karuta, she repeated cry and smile.

It was so funny that she was a sore loser like me!

When I was a little child, I didn't like loosing the game too.

I used to cry like my daughter when I lost the game when I played it with my family.

This is "Youkai Watch Karuta" given my sister at my son's birthday.

This Karuta was excellent.

We can play not only karuta but also the other two card games.

We enjoyed it very much.

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