Re-papering the paper sliding doors and putting together a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

Our family visited my in law's house from Dec 30 to Jan 2.

Since they are farmer and raise black cattle, they are always very busy.

When we visit there, we need to help their housework.

I borrowed a Japanese-style apron from mother in law and helped her prepare meals.

Since "shoji" paper of sliding doors in our room had been torn, we decided to re-paper them on Dec 31.

Shoji papers are sticked with glue, so it was so hard to take of the old paper.

We tore off paper while wiping a shoji with the dust cloth which I got wet.

It was a very hard work for me.

It took more than 2 hours.

In this part (a photo below) , we only re-papered upper half of sliding door because lower half of "shoji" had not been torn.

But my 4-year-old daughter poked her finger in shoji paper and made holes in the lower part of sliding door.

So my husband repaired holey parts with the shoji paper cut in form of the heart.

And in this part, we changed all of them.


My 5-year-old son told his grandmother that he wanted to play the jigsaw puzzle which has already completed and hung on the wall for decoration.

I didn't see how big the puzzle was at that time because I was absorbed in peeling off the "shoji" papers from the sliding doors, but I guessed that he would not complete the puzzle.

And sure enough, he stopped playing it though he didn't finish half of it.

I had no choice but challenge it.

It was also hard for me, but I finished it with fighting spirit.

This is 1000 pieced jigsaw puzzle!

After that, I helped my mother in law again... it was very hard the end of the year.

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