Bright night sky

I got up at 4:30am today.

I hung the landry at the balcony to dry them.

When I went out to the balcony, I noticed that the sky was very bright though it was still dark.

I looked up the sky, I could see very bright two stars in the eastern sky.

And I also saw the moon in the southwest sky.

They were so beautiful and fantastic.

I searched about them on the internet, I found that they were Venus and Jupiter.

I could also see the Winter Triangle in the southern sky.

I like it, especially like Orion very much.

 (Orion is the symbol of the Winter and maybe I think it is most famous constellation in Japan.

  We can usually see Orion in southern sky from the evening to the night in Winter.)
I felt that the season would be moving Autumn to Winter from now.

I like to look at stars since I was a little child.

I was deeply impressed when I could see the Milky Way at my husband's hometown which is located in country side.

When I am looking at the stars, I can feel that the things I am worried about are small.

I felt comfortable with the astronomical show.

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