Where can I get a reply‐paid postcard?

My 6-year-old son got a newsletter of a free gymnastics lesson which will be held by our city for elementary school students from school before.

I asked him,

"Do you want to join it?"


I was so surprised because he usually says "No" in such a situation.

It said that we need to apply for it by sending a reply-paid postcard, and in case of too many applications, they will hold a draw for place allocation.

Application cards should be postmarked not later than September 18, but I had completely forgot about it.

"Is it until tomorrow?"

I was so surprised to read the newsletter again yesterday morning.

Of course I knew I can buy a reply-paid postcard at post offices, but there were not on my way to the office.

I searched on the internet and I found some posts which said they bought it at a convenience store.

I stopped by three convenience stores on my way to the office, but they didn't carry it.

I also went to the post office which I found on the map of my car navigation system.

But since its parking area was narrow and already full, I couldn't park there.

I also tried to go to the shop of a post office distributor near my office, but it was closed.

After I finished working, I picked my son up at the children's house and went to the post office near there.

Its parking was also full, but one car went away when we just arrived there and we finally could park and go to the post office.

I never thought that I would have such a hard time to buy a reply-paid postcard.

I sent it this morning.

I was so glad I made it in time!

I hope he will able to join it.


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