Let's crack the code written in Japanese!

My 5-year-old daughter wrote me a letter at the nursery school 2 days ago.

It was like a cipher.

It is written like this.

This is my decoding result.

( I will do my best for getting ready for school today. )

The red parts are complete mirror letters.

I really wonder why children write such letters.

In fact, I have not ever taught how to write Hiragana (one of Japanese characters) to my daughter.

She remembers characters by imitating.

Probably it might be still difficult for her to write characters only by her image.

The blue parts are common mistakes.

First one is a mistake of postpositional particle.

わ and はhave same sound (wa) when は is used as a postpositional particle.

Children often mistake this.

Second one has a mistake of a position to put Dakuten (a voiced consonant mark).

We put them on the right upper side of some letters.

Last one, there isn't a point on the upper right side of お.

I could barely read her letter but I didn't point out her mistakes because I thought she did a good job though she is only 5 years old.

I was glad to recieve her letter.

I could imagine that she was writing this letter with heart and soul for me.

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