The sports day ~ One for all, All for one ~

It was rainy 2 days ago, but fortunately, it became sunny and the sports day was held at my 6-year-old son's elementary school yesterday.

It is one of the biggest and important events for families which have elementary school children.

I invited my parents.

Children have lunch with their family, so I had to make a lunch box for my family.

It was hard to prepare lunch for 4 adult and 2 kids.

I went shopping to the supermarket after I finished working last Friday.

Surprisingly, all of chicken meat had already sold out!

I thought that all mothers would cook fried chicken for tomorrow's lunch box.

I had to go to another supermarket to buy chicken meat.

After I finished making lunch box in the morning, I got already tired.

My son got a notice of the sports day last Friday.

It said that the competition for saving a good spot by parents is heating up more and more year by year.

I was surprised to read it and I asked a friend of mine who have 12-years-old boy.

She answered,

"Yes! We can enter school from 7am, but many parents, especially fathers go to school around 6:30am and wait until 7am."


I asked my husband to go to school and save a spot for us.

He went there at 6:50, and sent me a text message from there.

"There are already more than 100 people here and they are in line!"

According to him, a teacher came to the school gate at 7am and said,

"I am going to open the school gate from now, but please be careful not to be injured!"

Then parents dashed to save their spots.

He left a plastic picnic sheet and two thermos bottles to save a spot.

Thanks to him, we could watch children from a good viewing spot.

There were three things which I felt happy yesterday.

First, I could see that my son and his classmates were cheering eagerly and they joked together and seemed to be enjoying very much.

I had worried a little whether he had a friend who could play together because he often read a comic alone when I picked him up to the children's house.

There was no need for anxiety.

Next, my son could finish in third out of five in a foot race.

Actually, three boys were picked members for relay of all students.

My son had almost gave up entering within third place.

I told him,

"Don't give up before you run. I think it's important to do your best. I will be happy even though the result would be not good if I can see that you are doing your best."

I am sure that the result was able to encourage him.

My husband shooted a video of my son by digital video camera.

Many parents and grandparents were shooting a video and taking pictures for their children by smartphone, video camera, and digital camera.

It was like a photo session of idol.

Last, my family and parents were glad to eat my lunchbox.

My parents said,

"They are all yummy! It is good to have lunch together under the blue sky, isn't it?"


I got tired but it would become one of  my best memory of the year.

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