Since my 6-year-old son asked me to go to swim, my children and I went to the swimming pool yesterday.

It is a heated indoor pool owned by a city, so we can swim there all year around and it is cheap.

It was not crowded though during Silver week.

In fact, I don't like crowded places, so I prefer to stay near my house than go out far during long holidays recently.

When we arrived there, we were able to monopolize the kids pool because there was nobody.

They were so excited and swam with me.

I also practised "UITEMATE".

It means the way of protecting ourselves from a accident at sea, river, lake, pool, and so on, and floating face up in the water to ensure breathing, and to wait for the rescue.

According to the news, this word is Japanese language and it spread out to the world and it became a common word of the world after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Actually, my husband told me that he had been washed away by rip current and had drifted in the sea for one hour when he was young.

Fortunately he was able to come back to the beach.

I think it was really amazing that he was able to come back alive.

It is difficult for me to float for an hour in the sea, but I want to do it better to protect my life from the accident.

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