An easy cooking

I was suffered from a general malaise and sleepiness since yesterday morning.

My husband usually goes to work on Saturday recently.

I felt my way of thinking was changing pessimistic, I thought I needed a help.

I called my mother and asked to come and help me.

( I believe that I'm basically optimistic, but I am sometimes pessimistic when I am very tired.)

Thanks for her help, my children enjoyed playing with her and I could finish my housework.

But after my mother went back home, I was suffered from a general malaise again.

I really didn't want to prepare for dinner, but my children told me that they were hungry.

So I decided to make Udon because it is easy to make and I thought I could eat such a plain food.

I cooked Udon noodles with egg drop soup for my children.

It is their favorite recipe.

And I cooked Udon with natto and okudra.

Both of them are sticky food which are called good for health.

I boiled udon and okura, then cut okura.

Then mixed them with a little noodle soup and dried bonito.

Last, put an egg on the top.

That's all!

It has only three steps.

The procedure is only three.

I sometimes drink beer or something with my husband, I rarely drink alcohol alone, 

But I wanted to drink beer yesterday.

I asked my children,

"May I drink beer?"

"Of course, you can!"

They answered.

After dinner, I could recovered my general malaise a little.

I slept longer than usual, I got up at 5am this morning.

I go to work today.

Maybe I will be alright.

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