What a poor mantis!

My children and I went to the park yesterday.

I found a mantis there while we were playing.

Needless to say, my 6-year-old son tried to catch it with delight, but it scrached his hand.

"Hold its neck, and it will not be able to scratch you!"

I taught him how to catch it.

"Do you have a plastic bag? I want to put it in it."

He asked me.

"No, I don't have any bag today! But... How about this one?"

He put it into a empty capsule of Gachapon which I had in my bag.

It was exactly the right size for mantis.

My son got excited and he let the mantis go.

Then my 5-year-old daughter dropped acorns which she found and picked up toward it.

The mantis freaked out and took a fighting pose.

It was so funny that she droped acorns again.

My son caught it and let it go many times.

Another children came to them and enjoy watching it.

Chidren are sometimes cruel to insects!

My son let it go before we went home.

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