Beautiful Dawn

After my colleague quitted her job, we became busier as we expected.

I have been depressed recently because I was criticized from the customer about our company's  system and I also received a complaint about another staff.

I bought a book about how to manage stress, but reading this book made me more tired and stressful.

I also felt a headache and tiredness, so I thought I need to take a rest more.

Since I felt lack of sleep, I didn't take an online English conversation lesson in early morning to sleep more.

I usually get up at 4am, but recently I got up at 5:30am.

It could improve my psychosomatic bad condition.

I gradually try to get up early, I got up at 4:30am this morning after five days.

When I went to upstairs to hang our laundry, I could see a beautiful dawn.

I was also able to see a crescent moon and Venus in the purple sky.

Eastern sky had gradually becoming bright rainbow colors.

I was deeply impressed with such a beautiful view.

I was mesmerized for a while.

I felt that my trouble is not a big deal.

The power of nature cheered me up.

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