Farm work in Silver Week

My children and I have 5 days off from last Saturday to Wednesday due to Silver week in Japan.

Silver week doesn't happen every year, it depends on an arrangement of the national holidays of each year.

My husband had only one day off yesterday because he is very busy recently and his company has own company's calendar.

We removed almost of all the summer vegetables planted in our garden, and plowed there and planted the seed of sunny lettuce, carrot, and spinach.

My 5-year-old daughter tried to help us, and 6-year-old son tried to catch a small lizard which he found.

He could finally catch it and put it into his cage.

When I passed through the hall this morning, I found he put his cage inside the house.

"Don't put your insect cage at the hall! Put it outside the house!"

The female beetle had opened its loose insect cage lid by itself and escaped at the entrance hall once before.

I never want to encounter a lizard inside my house!

I told him to release it.

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