A valuable experience of raising the tiny life

After we came back home in the yesterday's evening, I told my children to clean up the insect cages where our caterpillars stay in.

First, my son put them out from the cages, and removed their wastes.

After that, he returned the caterpillars, then my daughter cut off the leaf of the carrot at our kitchen garden and put them in the cages.

The insect cages became very clean.

They brought them into the house and were looking at what the caterpillars are doing.
Suddenly my son said, " Mom, look! They are eating the leaves!"

He looked very happy to find them eating the leaves.

I told him, "Because you cleaned up the cages and feed them fresh leaves!"

My daughter were scared of any insects like me, but now, she can touch the green caterpillars!

I don't know how long we can keep raising the caterpillars, but it seems to be a good experience for them to take care of the caterpillars.

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