The eve of sports day

Last night, my five-year-old son was too excited to sleep, he walked around the bedroom and he accidentally hit his sister while she was about to sleep.

Because there will be a sports day today at their nursery school, he seemed  very excited and tired at the same time.

When he makes noise and isn't going to sleep like this, I would usually get angry with him.

But last night I hugged him until he would calm down and fell asleep.

He calmed down soon and fell asleep.

I attended the employee training of our company yesterday and our president told us in his speech.

"If we want to change the bad situation for the better, don't complain and deplore about it.
 And just change our way of thinking a little, and the situation will be changed better."

I was deeply impressed by his speech.

I tried to understand my son's feeling and changed my attitude toward him.

I could settle down the bad situation soon just by changing my way of thinking a little.

This event made me very happy.

I always scold my children, but I try to change my mind, I would always be thankful of having my children.

I will surely be surprised at the child's growth today!

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