My way of studying English

Today I would like to write about my way of studying English.

1. Online English School

I take a lesson at Aim Talk ( the Online English School)  every morning.

I believe that to continue practices is the most important to be able to speak in English better.

Aim talk teachers are very capable and friendly and they always help my studying English.

In fact, I was not going to publish my blog when I started it because my aim of writing a blog was just only for my practice of English and I did not have any confidence with my English.

But one of my teacher recommended to open my blog.

I hesitated to publish my blog at first, but I changed my thoughts and I decided to publish it.

As a result, to be read by many people became very encouraging for me.

They always teach me patiently , I am very grateful to the teachers.

It becomes one of the big motivation of my English study to talk with Aim Talk teachers.

2.Take the TOEIC exam

My husband also studies English, so we decided to take TOEIC exam together twice a year.

We are planning to take it next January.

I need to increase my poor vocabularies, so I use "DUO"(The name of the educational materials for increasing vocabularies) for my study.

I am tackling it on the second time.

I listen to the DUO's CD every day while I do the housework in the early morning.

And I tackle the official question collection several times.

3.Listening to the NHK radio conversation program

I record the NHK radio conversation program (for 15 minutes) and listen to it when I go to work by car.(*NHK : Japan Broadcasting Corporation / Nippon Housou Kyoukai)

It takes one hour round trip to my office, so I can listen to it 4 times!

When I am able to catch the teacher's conversation, I am very glad.

4.Make friends who speak in English

A friend of mine who wants to improve her English skills like me told me about the web site where we can find pen pals overseas.

I could find some wonderful pen pals who live overseas at the web site.

We sometimes exchange e-mails in English.

I realize that English is not the purpose but the way of communication to express my feelings.

I really think that I want to be able to express my feeling and thoughts better to them in English.

5.Write an English diary

This blog is a good practice of writing in English for me.

Thank you for reading this blog all the way through for me!

If you write some comments for me, I will be very glad and be encouraged(^^)!

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  1. Hi :) I happened to drop by and stumbled upon this post so I thought I might as well leave a comment as a fellow English learner. It's a great list you have there, but personally I feel like reading helps the most. When I read blogs, I can sort of tell if the writer is an avid reader or not. It really shows when you speak and write.

  2. Hello Broccoli! Thank you for your kind comment. You gave me a comment for the first time since I started this blog. I am grateful to you!
    I agree reading is one of the important things to learn English. Do you mind if I ask you what you recommend for the practise of reading ?
    I would like to improve my English skills more!

  3. To be honest, I've always enjoyed reading so I've never really had the notion of reading for the purpose of practicing English. Personally I read anything from boring internet articles (like yahoo news) and novels to medical textbooks. I think the key is to read all kinds of material. If you like reading novels, Nicholas Sparks and Sidney Sheldon are famous for their simple writing. Good luck!

  4. Hi Broccoli! Thank you for your valuable advice. I will try it and I would like to become able to write in English better like you someday. Thank you so much!