Hurray for my son's green caterpillar!

My son visited to the elementary school near our house with me yesterday to take a health examination for children starting school age.

This was the first time for us to go through the gate of the school.

He will enter the elementary school next April.

In fact, he couldn't fall asleep soon at the previous night because he was looking forward to going to school and was too excited.

After the health examination, many children were playing at the athletic field of the elementary.

Of course he joined in them.

He run around  in the big athletic field and played  the big playground equipments with his friends.

I was anxious whether he would be able to stand the changes in his environment.

And I guess he had the same anxiety before he visited the school.

But I was relieved to see him having fun.

I was able to easily imagine the figure that he would enjoy his school life.

After we came back home, he told me happily, "It was very fun today! I will study hard, and  play with friends a lot!"

He caught a green caterpillar at the school and brought it back to home.

He put it into his insect cage.

He looked up the insect dictionary, and he found it was a larva of "Common Bluebottle".

This larva will become a butterfly by the time he enters the elementary school!

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