"Hoshigaki" (Dried persimmons) & "Sukiyaki"

My husband made"Hoshigaki" (the dried persimmons) yesterday.

"Hoshigaki" is a kind of dried fruit made by drying Japanese persimmons.

The persimmons used for "Hoshigaki" are astringent persimmons.

These persimmons will finish drying in approximately around two weeks.

I feel the autumn in Japan by seeing "Hoshigaki".

The green caterpillar which my son caught at the elementary school(from my 10/24 diary entry) is fine now!

He named it "Aomu-kun" because the green caterpillar is called "Aomushi" in Japanese.

He also caught a pair of piggyback grasshoppers.

I didn't like any insects before, but recently, thanks to him, I am getting used to them little by little .

My husband made "Sukiyaki" for dinner  last night.

He usually doesn't cook.

But as he is good at making "sukiyaki", I asked him to make it for us.

Wow! It looks yummy!

 He cooked some beef and vegetables and prepared beaten raw eggs as a dip.

Let's eat!

......How delicious it is!

Thanks to the "sukiyaki", I will definitely be energetic tomorrow too!

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