Do you think this T-shirt is strange?

This photo below is my daughter's red T-shirt.

Some English sentences are printed on it.

Many T-shirts printed English words and sentences are sold in Japan and we think they are cool although we don't understand the meanings.

Do you think this her T-shirt is strange and funny?

Because I thought they were strange and funny when I saw the tourists from overseas wore the T-shirts which printed some Japanese sentences like "日本(Japan)" "侍(samurai)" "忍者(ninja)".

Before, I watched the TV news that the tourist who wore the T-shirt which Japanese "Kanji" were written on the back of it answered the interview.

He said, "Japanese characters are very cool!".

I thought we had a same idea.

I regard the English characters as cool, and he regard Japanese characters as cool.

In fact, our family is planning to travel to Guam for our first trip to abroad on December.

I am considering whether I had better not wear such kind of T-shirt.

What do you think of it??

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