Eat all you can Japanese food!

We did our office year end cleaning yesterday morning.

I worked so hard though I have not finished cleaning our house yet.

After we finished, we had a "Bounenkai"(the year-end party. We enjoy lunch or dinner together to share and shake off the hardships we experienced during the past year, and to prepare for the coming year with renewed resolve.).

Fortunately, it's on our boss every year.

The lunch was eat all you can Japanese food!!!

We could eat Sushi, Tenpura, and Syabusyabu!!!

(These are mere images, not something we ate yesterday.)



It was yummy for eat all you can.

We ate a lot!

It was funny that all of my colleagues tried not to leave anything on our plate because we are all housewives and have children!

We enjoyed talking and having lunch very much.

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